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We use statistical analysis to help you choose the best shipping option in time and rate.

  • We provide your company with various logistics services in a single company, providing you with a superior reliable service.
  • Our system continuously analyzes your operation.
  • We suggest the best routing option for your shipments based on reliable statistical analysis.
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We have a wide variety of options for your shipments and integrations to facilitate the logistics of your company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We Answer the Most Frequently Asked Questions

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For security reasons and government regulations it is not allowed to send:

Weapons of any kind.
Pornographic material.
Human remains or ashes.
Compressed gases.
Illegal substances and items.
Antiques and works of art.
Cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.
Credit cards.
Perishable items.

In a shipment, both measures must be considered since there may be a package that takes up a lot of space, but that physically weighs very little; or a package with little volume, but with a very high weight. That is why a formula is used to compare both measurements and define a single value.

To calculate the volumetric weight, the package must be measured in cm (height, width and length). These values ​​are then multiplied together and the result is divided by 5,000. The result of the volumetric weight is compared with the physical weight in kilograms and the highest value is the one considered when sending the package.

A package weighs 15 kg and its measurements are 30 cm x 50 cm x 60 cm.
How much will the courier charge me to send this package?
The result of the volumetric weight is:
(30 x 50 x 60) / 5,000 = 18
In this case, the volumetric weight is greater, so 18 kg should be considered when sending the package.

Yes, we have a pick up service for your shipments. In certain risk locations or extended areas, the pick up service may be limited to certain days.

All shipments have a default insurance of 30 Units of Measurement and Update (UMA) in case of damage or loss (does not include robbery with violence). Additionally, you can contract an optional insurance for your shipments that covers damage, loss and violent robbery.

Yes, all shipments include home delivery service for free. If required, you can also send to a shipping center at no additional cost.

For parcel and courier shipments the maximum weight is 70 kg. For pallets or LTL service, the maximum weight allowed is 2,000 kg or 4 cubic meters.

Yes, the shipping rates already include Value Added Tax (VAT) according to current tax provisions.

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Our Commitment is to Provide You With the Service Quality that you Need.

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