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1. Definitions. In this document "Airpost Group", "we" and "our" refers to BENDDI TECHNOLOGIES LLC, while "The Sender" refers to the sender whose name or company name appears on the merchandise receipt receipt and who requests the services covered by it.

2. Acceptance of these terms and conditions. By delivering the documents and/or packages indicated on your merchandise receipt receipt, and providing us with the shipping information, the Sender expressly accepts that he has reviewed and finds that the shipping information that the Sender has provided us for filling out the guide delivery of your package(s) is correct and you agree with it. In the same way, he accepts the terms and conditions contained herein and those that appear on the website, which the Sender agrees to know and have consulted. No person is authorized to modify these terms and conditions on behalf of or on behalf of Airpost Group or to accept others that are different from those contained herein.

3. Portage of documents, packages, and/or heavy parcels. Airpost Group or the different transport companies with which it works, both national and foreign, will be in charge of the carriage and delivery of the shipment covered by the merchandise receipt receipt to the address of the recipient indicated on said receipt, within the period indicated therein. indicates. The "National Economic" service means that the package will be delivered to the recipient within a period of one to ten business days during open hours from 08:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to 09:00 p.m.; The Sender accepts that for the delivery of the package there must be a person available at the address of the recipient at the mentioned time. Airpost Group assumes no responsibility for delayed shipments if there is no person available to receive the delivery at the above time or if the person refuses to receive the delivery, whether or not the package is returned to the carrier, if you do not sign for the package , or for any other cause not attributable to Airpost Group. “National Express” service means that Airpost Group will arrange to deliver the shipment within the next business day after it is received; however, for remote locations this period will be extended as necessary, as indicated in the merchandise receipt receipt. Airpost Group will do its best to collect proof of delivery, signed by the recipient or by whoever is at that address at the time of delivery; however, the signature of receipt will not be mandatory for any reason. For the provision of the service, Airpost Group reserves the right to use its own means or contract them with third parties, national or foreign, that it deems appropriate for this purpose.

4. Obligations of packing the shipment and filling out the documentation. The Sender must adequately pack the contents of the shipment and correctly fill out the merchandise receipt receipt. If the Sender does not indicate the number of pieces covered by the merchandise receipt receipt, it will be understood that he only delivered one package to us. Airpost Group reserves the right to verify the actual weight of the shipment and, where appropriate, adjust the amount of the applicable fees, which are in effect on the date Airpost Group receives the package (the same which are available to you at any of our Points of Sale). The Sender declares under oath that the contents of the shipment have been correctly declared in the merchandise receipt receipt and that it does not contain any of the items listed below (hereinafter "prohibited shipments"): banknotes or foreign lottery or prohibited gambling advertisements; materials or residues referred to in the Regulations for the Terrestrial Transport of Hazardous Materials and Residues, unless the corresponding authorization is obtained from the competent authority; drugs, psychotropics and narcotics, unless their possession or transfer is lawful in accordance with the applicable legal provisions; firearms or explosives; animals or perishables, when adequate hygiene and safety conditions are not met, in accordance with the applicable regulations; money or bearer or negotiable credit instruments; any other good whose transit requires a specific permit or is restricted by a particular law, without having said specific permit; and any other items or products restricted by Airpost Group that are indicated on our website: The Sender undertakes to provide the consignee's data accurately (in the event of data correction at the recipient's delivery address, Airpost Group will charge $135.00 MXN (one hundred thirty-five MXN pesos) for data correction and guide reprint) .

5. Responsibility for payment. Even when The Sender provides us with different billing instructions, The Sender will be the main obligor for the payment and total liquidation of the charges for our services (including any others that may be applicable, such as storage for reasons not attributable to Airpost Group, return of the shipment, declaration of additional value, multiple delivery attempts due to the absence of the recipient, etc.). Airpost Group reserves the right to retain the merchandise of The Sender or its affiliated companies until obtaining the corresponding payment for the shipments made by them.

6. Limitation of Our Liability. The limit of our responsibility for damages caused to the contents of the shipment or for loss thereof, for damages of any nature, for objective liability or for any other cause, is limited to an amount equivalent to $0.00 M.N. (zero pesos), unless: (a) The Sender has expressly declared and we have accepted an additional value declaration in the corresponding line in the merchandise receipt receipt of this document, at the time of its delivery to Airpost Group; and (b) The Sender has paid Airpost Group the charges corresponding to the declaration of additional value, charges that The Sender may calculate according to the formula described at and with the limitations indicated in clause 7 of the present document. In any case, it will be necessary for the Sender to reliably verify the amount of damages and losses actually caused, provide the original invoice issued in Mexico for the products shipped and submit their claim to Airpost Group within the period indicated in Clause 8 below. . Airpost GROUP DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY INSURANCE, WHICH IS EXPRESSLY AGREED BY THE SENDER. Except for the aforementioned, Airpost Group does not assume any other responsibility for the damages that The Sender may suffer. Airpost Group shall also not be liable for: (i) acts or omissions of the sender, recipient or any third party, including, but not limited to, defects or failures in the packaging, packaging, marking or labeling of the shipment; (ii) violation of the terms and conditions contained herein by the sender or recipient; (iii) prohibited shipments; (iv) damages and/or losses derived from causes not attributable to Airpost Group, or from acts of God, force majeure, natural catastrophes, popular disturbances or acts carried out by subversive groups, guerrillas or organized crime or by any acts or omissions of authorities , whether federal, state or local. The Sender accepts that, in the event that Airpost Group cannot deliver their package or shipment within 30 calendar days following the estimated delivery date, for reasons beyond the control of Airpost Group itself, the sender will be responsible for the storage expenses that are generated for this reason and, in addition, Airpost Group will have the right to dispose of the package or shipment at its sole discretion, including its destruction or donation to a prestigious private assistance institution, without any responsibility. .

7. Declaration of additional value and limits. The maximum limit on the additional declared value of each shipment that Airpost Group accepts is $500 pesos for shipments using envelopes provided by Airpost Group for documents and $20,000 pesos for all other shipments, except for items of extraordinary value such as fine arts and crafts. , jewelry, precious stones or metals, furs, non-negotiable securities or antiques, etc., with respect to which the maximum limit of $100 pesos will be applied.

8. Claims. Notwithstanding what, if applicable, is established by applicable laws and legal provisions, ANY CLAIM MUST BE SUBMITTED TO Airpost GROUP IN WRITING WITHIN 10 BUSINESS DAYS FOLLOWING THE DATE OF DELIVERY OF THE SHIPMENT OR ESTIMATED DATE OF DELIVERY. THE WRITTEN CLAIM DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED AND SEALED BY A REPRESENTATIVE OF Airpost GROUP. Even though The Sender can call our Points of Sale, in any case The Sender must present his claim in writing within the aforementioned term. Airpost Group will not be obligated to cover the amount of any claim, unless the charges for our services have been fully settled. The Sender will not have the right to deduct any amount for the concept of claim, from the charges that must be covered by Airpost Group. In order to be able to process your claim, we would appreciate having the packaging used for shipment on hand for inspection. If the recipient accepts the shipment without making a note or qualification on the delivery receipt, it will be understood that the shipment was delivered in good condition.

9. Right of Inspection. Airpost Group and the different transport companies with which it works reserve the right to inspect the shipment at any time, as well as allow the competent authorities to carry out the inspections they deem appropriate. Likewise, Airpost Group reserves the right to refuse or suspend carriage of any shipment that is prohibited or contains materials that damage or may damage other shipments or that may constitute a risk to the equipment or employees of Airpost Group or its service providers.

10. Delayed shipments. Airpost Group and the various carriers it works with will make every reasonable effort to deliver the shipment in accordance with Airpost Group's normal transit times, but such transit times are not guaranteed or part of the contract. Airpost Group is not responsible in any way for loss or damage caused by delays.

11. Refund of charges for services with guaranteed delivery (NATIONAL PRIORITY SERVICE FROM 8 TO 9, NATIONAL PRIORITY FROM 10 TO 11, NATIONAL PRIORITY FROM 11 TO 12). In the event that for reasons attributable to it, Airpost Group or the different transport companies with which it works do not timely deliver the shipment within the transit period indicated in the merchandise receipt receipt, the sender will have the right to obtain a shipment of courtesy under the same conditions of shipment not delivered on time. Airpost Group does not assume any other responsibility for the damages that the Sender may suffer due to the delay in the delivery of their packages. The guarantee will not apply where late delivery or non-delivery occurs due to circumstances beyond the control of Airpost Group, including customs delays, incorrect or incomplete delivery information, delivery instructions or information (such as the recipient's postal code, missing street addresses, missing or incorrect phone number), recipient's request for delay, shipment diversion, or non-standard accreditation services (certificates of origin, export and/or import, sanitary certificates or any necessary government customs documentation) impossibility of delivery or rejection of the recipient to accept the shipment or pay taxes and fees against delivery if required. In the case of shipments with the NATIONAL STANDARD, NATIONAL ECONOMIC, NATIONAL NEXT WORKING DAY, NATIONAL TWO WORKING DAYS and INTERNATIONAL delivery service, this clause will be repealed.

12. Circumstances beyond the control of Airpost Group. Airpost Group is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from circumstances beyond its control. These circumstances include, but are not limited to: electrical or magnetic damage to, or erasure of, electronic or photographic images, data, or recordings; fragile materials (glass, handicrafts, musical instruments, etc.); any defect or characteristic related to the nature of the packages sent, even if these are known to Airpost Group; any act or omission by persons not employed or contracted to Airpost Group - eg. Sender, Receiver, third parties, customs or other government representatives; “Force Majeure” - eg. Earthquakes, hurricanes, storms, floods, fog, wars, plane crashes, plane crashes, strikes or civil commotion, union actions.

13. Notifications. Both the sender and the recipient expressly accept when shipping their merchandise that the official means of communication for any type of notification is the tracking website, exempting Airpost Group or its business partners from using any other means of communication with the client.

14. Nullity and ineffectiveness. If any of the clauses or part of them were null or ineffective, the rest of the Terms and Conditions not affected by the nullity or ineffectiveness will remain in force.

15. Competent courts. For any controversy, the parties submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the common courts of the City of Guadalajara, Jalisco, waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them due to their present or future domicile or for any other cause.

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